The Original Dentman
Juergen Holzer, the “Original Dentman.”

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Almost nobody does automobile dents in the same league with Juergen Holzer. (See the © Star Tribune Article by Jim Klobuchar.)

Many claim that this technique is "new" and just recently became popular in the United States, but Mr. Holzer learned his craft at the BMW Factory in Munich, Germany and worked there at this craft for ten years. (He now has over 30+ years of experience!) While in Germany, Juergen worked on the moving assembly line - near the end - keeping pace, while repairing "dents & dings!"

After moving to Minneapolis, he started JUERGEN’S DENT KRAFT, INC. in November of 1987.

In addition to his successful business here in Minnesota, the international master DENTMAN™ also flies to major cities from coast to coast to satisfy his clients there. The majority of his clients are luxury car owners and dealers, but he does work on all models.

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